Hi everyone, I’m Bill Sage, I do not want this to sound self-centered, however, it’s necessary in order to give you some kind of reference or resume so that you will feel confident as to my qualifications, so I will keep this as short as possible, thanks!

 I am a hardcore patriotic American working for at least 8 years, dedicated and eager to renew America and Make America Great Again.  Passionate about the condition of our country, with a high level of success initiating constitutional programs, policies and legislation.  8 years of experience successfully analyzing, developing and lobbying initiatives that enforce and renews the constitutional rule of law and the Founding Principles that made her great.

My acquired skills include:

  • Political Strategy
  • Intergovernmental and legislative relations
  • Legislative Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Political Operations
  • Analytic Thinker
  • Local government background
  • Self motivated

 Founder Constituting Michigan, successfully renewed the Pledge of Allegiance and reinstatement of basic constitutional studies into Michigan Schools to be used as a template for  Re-Constituting America.  Co-Author of Constituting Michigan Legislation, and the legislation template for Re-Constituting America.  Founder, author and driving force behind the Constituting America Resolution, presented to and approved by the RNC Nationally in all “50 States.”  With a Special Thanks to Dave Agema!

Okay, that’s enough about me.

Rest assured that there is only one way to Make America Great Again and make it last for generations, rather than the temporary taste of freedom and liberty for maybe one more generation.  We must teach our children in the way of truth and the Founding Principles that made America Great in the first place, and that is through our nation’s education system, the same way it has been taken away by the left.  Freedoms seed starts in the minds of our youth, and that is the only way true Liberty can survive!  So join us in this adventure; to truly Make America Great Again!


 God Bless America

Bill  strongamerica@makeamerica-greatagain.net